MRI icobrain® Volumetrics

MRI icobrain® Volumetrics 

Brain atrophy — or cerebral atrophy — is the loss of brain cells called neurons. Atrophy also destroys the connections that help the cells communicate. It can be a result of many different diseases that damage the brain, including stroke and Alzheimer’s disease.

As you age, you naturally lose some brain cells, but it is a slow process. Brain atrophy associated with disease or injury occurs quicker and is more damaging.

Atrophy can affect different parts of the brain:

  • Focal atrophy affects cells in certain areas of the brain and results in a loss of function in those specific areas.
  • Generalized atrophy affects cells all over the brain.

Lake Medical Imaging is now able to utilize game-changing technology to better assess brain atrophy resulting from multiple sclerosis and dementia. Icobrain® MRI software guides our radiologists in the use of clinically relevant and robust measurements of brain structures. Icobrain analysis ensures reliable measurements for use in clinical practice. This innovative technology, used in conjunction with MRI of the brain, helps radiologists confidently incorporate brain atrophy into clinical reports for the patient’s physician to make more informed decisions for treatment.

Lake Medical Imaging will use this software to perform analyses, such as percentage of brain volume change per year compared to the previous year’s MRI scan and correct for age, gender, and other factors. Consequently, our radiology reports are uniquely tailored to each patient because each individual is different.

Our radiologists continue their commitment to introduce groundbreaking diagnostic imaging technology to Central Florida to help diagnose and treat a full spectrum of disease. Icobrain is another step to assist our patients and their physicians by providing reliable MRI analyses to track disease progression in our patients with particular neurological disorders.

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