Patient Safety


Our pursuit to provide quality images while considering patient safety has led us to create better techniques in reducing radiation to the lowest levels.

Our commitment has paid off.

The board-certified radiologists and staff at Lake Medical Imaging have made huge strides in safeguarding patients. By developing methods to lower exposure to radiation – without compromising our diagnostic or treatment skills – we’ve developed some of our field’s best practices right here at home. Several years ago, radiation doses for most of our patients undergoing CT exams were already at a low 1/3 of the national recommended levels. Since then, we’ve reduced that number by up to an additional 70% in most patients.

Dr. Yi Liu received national recognition when AHRA, the association for medical imaging management, awarded him for Best Practices in Patient-Centric Radiology. The award honors the best radiology practices that customize CT imaging in a meaningful way to enhance patient outcomes, safety and care.

Our mammography exams have the lowest radiation dose possible for standard 2D and 3D mammography. And, according to the ACR’s National Mammography Database, Lake Medical Imaging is #1 in breast cancer imaging detection in the South United States.

As a result of these best practices, the American College of Radiology recognized our physicians, personnel, and technology for meeting or exceeding their standards of excellence in patient safety. In fact, Lake Medical Imaging is the first outpatient imaging center in the nation to receive the Diagnostic Imaging Center of Excellence (DICOE) designation from the ACR.

We were one of the first practices in the nation to join the National ‘Image Wisely®’ safety campaign and have held and met, or exceeded, the standards set forth in this initiative ever since. Learn more about Image Wisely®