Genetic Testing for Breast Cancer

Your personalized breast cancer risk assessment is available at Lake Medical Imaging at low- or no cost

We are excited to announce we are now offering *genetic testing through Ambry Genetics® to our screening mammography patients. This is another way we’re helping women win the fight against breast cancer. *Offered at select Lake Medical Imaging locations.

All women are unique with differing personal and family health histories. According to national guidelines, women with an increased risk for breast cancer should consider earlier and/or more frequent breast cancer screenings. They should also consider discussing preventive options with their physicians.

For women who are at increased risk, and those diagnosed with a higher likelihood of carrying BRCA1 or BRCA2 gene mutations, the importance of clinical genetic testing cannot be overstated.

As breast health experts, our radiologists are well-equipped to help assess your risk and to propose customized breast imaging recommendations. These provide your physician the information he or she requires to advise you on appropriate treatment decisions if or when they are needed.

The genetic testing process is simple. A woman scheduled for her annual screening mammogram will be contacted by Ambry Genetics five days prior to her appointment. In this program, women referred to us for a mammogram have the voluntary option to complete a brief, no-charge, High-Risk Assessment questionnaire via virtual interaction using a smartphone or a tablet. This step evaluates a woman’s personal breast cancer risk and determines if she should receive genetic testing education, if applicable. Questionnaire results will be sent to the woman’s physician along with recommendations for follow-up.

If the results show that she has an elevated risk for breast cancer by the Tyrer-Cuzick Risk Model, and/or NCCN guidelines, she will be advised to proceed with high-risk cancer screening and/or genetic testing.  Specifically, patients with a lifetime risk of breast cancer greater than 20% meet the criteria for screening with Breast MRI/Senobright in addition to screening mammography. Breast MRI/Senobright is performed annually, as recommended by The American Cancer Society, The American College of Radiology, The National Comprehensive Cancer Network and The American Society of Breast Surgeons.

If the questionnaire shows an increased risk based on National Comprehensive Cancer Network guidelines, genetic testing education and counseling will be offered.

If follow-up testing is suggested, the contracts that Ambry Genetics has secured with commercial payors help ensure the testing is affordable. For additional peace of mind, family members of patients who do test in the high-risk category will be offered genetic testing free of charge for 90 days following the screening patients’ test outcome.

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