Serena Bright Contrast-Guided Breast Biopsy

New Serena Bright Contrast-Guided Breast Biopsies take less time to perform, are more comfortable and reduce the wait time for reliable results that can lead to a clear path of action

You’ve had your annual screening mammogram. But this time is different. Something may not be normal and you need a breast biopsy. And suddenly, nothing is as important as getting the answers you need.

As stressful as this time is, there is good news. First, most lumps or areas of concern (about four out of five) turn out to be non-cancerous. Second, the biopsy itself should be quick, easy, and virtually pain free. Third, Lake Medical Imaging has industry-first breast biopsy technology that is highly sensitive, even for women with dense breast tissue, giving us the best chance possible to identify tiny tumors. The smaller the breast tumor and the earlier it is detected, the greater the chance to treat it effectively.

Breast Imaging and Breast Biopsy Excellence

For more than 50 years, Lake Medical Imaging has led the curve in diagnosing breast cancer and was one of the first imaging centers to be named both a Breast Imaging Center of Excellence, and Diagnostic Imaging Center of Excellence. We were one of the first imaging centers in the region to use stereotactic and ultrasound-guided core biopsies (gentler alternatives to open surgical biopsies) which are now the gold standard for breast biopsies.

We were the first imaging center in Florida to offer SenoBright® contrast enhanced spectral mammography (CESM) to our patients. SenoBright is a “next-level” mammogram that requires the injection of a small amount of iodine contrast agent prior to the exam. Cancerous tissue absorbs the liquid and is highlighted in the images that are taken. This helps to evaluate any problematic areas.

SenoBright is highly sensitive, especially in women with dense breasts, in finding breast cancer and also in reducing false positives.

That level of excellence is part of the reason GE Healthcare chose us to be among the first 10 facilities (among all hospitals and imaging centers in the nation) to introduce Serena Bright, their first-of-its-kind, breast-biopsy advancement.

How are Serena Bright Breast Biopsies Better for Women with Dense Breasts?

FDA-approved Serena Bright works in conjunction with SenoBright.

Dense breasts have a high amount of connective and fibroglandular tissue. Breast cancer and fibroglandular breast tissue both appear as solid white areas on mammograms, rendering interpretation more difficult. SenoBright helps our radiologists to see potentially cancerous areas more clearly, which helps them give a quicker, more confident diagnosis.

Once an area of concern has been looked at with SenoBright, Serena Bright uses that same advanced imaging technology to precisely target and guide where the anesthesia and biopsy needles need to be placed.

These advanced mammograms allow patients to undergo their breast biopsy exams using the same mammography equipment, in the same room, and with the same staff as their screening or diagnostic mammogram.

Your experienced breast imaging team can access the breast from different angles, including the side, which reduces the need for repositioning and adjusting the breast tissue (and results in less discomfort).

The entire system reduces how much time you need to spend undergoing testing, how much time you spend waiting, and reduces discomfort and anxiety.

Because every patient is unique, and all biopsy procedures are tailored to the individual needs of the patient, our team may recommend yours be performed using ultrasound or MRI guidance. We believe it is critical to get you answers as accurately and quickly as possible, and are proud to bring advanced breast imaging technology here for you. For more than 50 years, we have focused on improving breast cancer outcomes. The next step is yours. If you haven’t had your mammogram, call to schedule yours today.