Interventional Radiology, or IR, is a minimally invasive process to diagnose and treat a variety of conditions throughout the body such as cancer. Most procedures require only a tiny incision or injection. The benefits of using an interventional radiology approach include:

  • Less invasive than traditional surgery
  • Minimal to no side effects
  • Very short recovery time; can usually return to normal activities the day of
  • Less pain experienced during and after procedure
  • Techniques can be used on very ill patients who aren’t fit for surgery
  • Cost of diagnosis or treatment much less than in a hospital setting

What does IR Treat?

Since IR can target locations and symptoms in your body more accurately than other procedures, it can be used to diagnose and deal with a wide variety of diseases. Your abdomen, heart and vascular system, musculoskeletal, and central nervous system are just a few systems where IR can be used. At Lake Medical Imaging, we specialize in:

  • Treatment of peripheral vascular disease. Interventional radiologists treat narrowing of the arteries by using balloons to stretch the blood vessel (balloon angioplasty, PTA) and sometimes insert metal stents to hold them open.
  • Tumor therapies – these treatments are intended to shrink or destroy tumors at their primary site, as well as those which have spread to other areas (metastases)
  • Varicose Veins – For this treatment, a small tube is inserted into the dilated vein. Laser energy heats and seals the saphenous vein, shrinking it down and creating room for healthier veins to grow.
  • Spider Veins – This 30-minute procedure involves injecting a small about of solution called “sclerosing agent” into your veins which will act as a glue to seal off any unwanted veins.
  • Diagnostic and Therapeutic Injections – These types of treatments can help relieve pain in your joints or spine, or can be used for diagnostic purposes. When you set up an appointment for a diagnostic or therapeutic injection, a technologist will contact you with specific instructions.
  • Image-Guided Needle Biopsy – An image-guided biopsy approach may vary based on the clinical finding, however, it is the only certain way to diagnose breast cancer without surgical biopsy. Lake Medical Imaging radiologists are experts in the full array of image-guided biopsy approaches used today including stereotactic breast biopsy, ultrasound biopsy and MRI breast biopsy. These biopsies, often done following suspicious findings on a mammogram, require no surgery, no hospital visits, no general anesthesia.
  • And More

Lake Medical Imaging

Interventional Radiology procedures require a doctor’s prescription. If your doctor has recommended you to get an image-guided biopsy, a diagnostic or therapeutic injection, or treatment for varicose or spider veins, consider the IR procedures we offer at Lake Medical Imaging. With four convenient locations in The Villages and another in Leesburg, it’s never been easier to keep your body healthy. To make an appointment, call us today at  (352) 365-0777.